seed:s corporation

provides seeds for Social Innovation, Solidarity and Sustainability



seed:s is a nonprofit corporation to raise young social entrepreneurs, create an innovative model of social enterprises and study the future.

We are promoting training of young social entrepreneurs, creation of Korean social enterprise development model, creation of civil base for social enterprise, practice study of social enterprise to settle Korean and sustainable social enterprises based on self-motivation and creativity of the civil society.


Core Businesses


01. Foster social enterprise and young social entrepreneurs

02. Create a civil base and build investor networks

03. Mediate resources between sectors

04. Develop a localization model

05. Distribute the Korean social enterprise model to foreign countries

06. Study social enterprises and create development models 

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Fax. +82-2-355-7911
Seocho creative hub 114-3, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea